After Shake Kits

Comprehensive, Relevant, Convenient, Ready NOW

One Stop Readiness 

After Shake Kits are carefully designed to deliver comprehensive survival support preparation in a single, convenient, high quality package.

The After Shake Kits provide the 'one stop' way to be prepared - delivered for no extra charge anywhere in New Zealand (North Island/South Island).

Choose the Kit, Prompt Delivery = Prepared!

After Shake Kits provide complete emergency survival essentials giving prompt preparation.

After Shake Kit Designed for Purpose

After Shake Kits are designed based on the experts recommendations plus careful consideration of the anticipated needs for New Zealand earthquake and emergency survival preparation.

After Shake Kits cover

  • Water capacity and storage
  • Water safety
  • Water usage rationing
  • Survival Food packs for 3-4 days per person
  • Medical Response First Aid Supplies
  • Warmth and weather protection
  • Emergency cooking support
  • Lighting
  • Communications
  • Sanitary requirements
  • Shelter support
  • Utility survival support items
  • Industrial Strength Kit Storage and Protection cases


After Shake Kit Capacity Sizing Range

The kits are sized based on the number of people that they are catered to support. The After Shake Kits are available in a range of capacities that meet the needs of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 person requirements. Optional adjustments and additions are easily made as required.