About Us

After Shake is a family run online business that started back in March 2010. Our primary aim was and continues to be - to provide quality products and services, to enable our customers to be optimally prepared for any emergency or disaster.

The significant earthquakes that have occurred in New Zealand over the past decade, have enabled After Shake to continually refine and improve the products it provides, through drawing on peoples’ experiences and feedback. Together with adhering to the New Zealand Civil Defence Emergency Guidelines, our goal is for our products to be relevant, reliable and durable for any major disaster.

For a few years, After Shake had a physical store in Karori, Wellington. But it is now purely an online store, with our working base being in Orewa on the Hibiscus Coast. The free shipping service to anywhere in New Zealand makes the online shopping convenient and cost effective for our many customers. After Shake is currently exploring the option of expanding to the overseas market.

A more recent move for After Shake is to concentrate on Grab n Carry type emergency packs, including our very own Emergency Survival Prep-Pak. Many of the items that make up these packs can also be purchased separately on our online store. Our emergency food and water is sourced from the USA and has a shelf life of up to 5 years. After Shake also continues to expand the range available of the increasingly popular LifeStraw products.

Being an environmentally conscious business, we are actively exploring means by which we can gradually move away from plastic material within our packs - to more environmentally sustainable packaging.

Over the past 10 years, After Shake has provided products to individuals, families, early child care centres, schools, offices, large business corporations and government departments. The increasing awareness that we all need to be ready - is encouraging. 

We always welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve on our service to the New Zealand people.