Grab 'n' Carry Survival Pack

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This is a comprehensive pack of emergency survival items specifically designed to meet the requirements of individuals in the work place, keeping in the car, or near your home emergency exit area.

Everything comes in a drawstring backpack that is easy to Grab 'n' Carry. 

The Grab'n'Carry Emergency Survival Pack includes: 

  • High visibility, tough nylon fabric drawstring back pack with zipped front pocket

  • Emergency First Aid Pack
    (NZ OSH Vehicle and Lone Worker compliant)

  • Emergency Food for at least 3 Days
    (Mainstay Emergency Food Rations)
  • Emergency Drinking Water Rations
    ( 8 x 125ml Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Sachets = 1 Litre total)
  • AquaTabs Water Purification 10 Tablet Pack
    (Up to 250 Litres of water treatment)
  • Foldable Personal Water Bottle
  • Emergency Shelter
    (Survival Bag, Thermal Blanket)
  • Emergency Lighting 
    (Emergency Light Sticks)
  • Weather Protection
    (Rain Poncho)
  • Hygiene/sanitary needs
    (Toothbrush/Paste, Tissues, Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Latex Gloves)
  • 3-Frequency Emergency Alert Whistle
  • Face/Dust Mask(s)
  • Heavy Duty Leather/Fabric Gloves

Please note Mainstay Emergency Food ingredient details label photograph if you have nutrition or allergy considerations.

Due to the current national shortage of face masks - only one face or dust mask is included within the main pack. An additional face mask is included within the First Aid Prep Pak.

Additional details are provided below.

Grab 'n' Carry Emergency Survival Pack


1 x FIRST AID PREP-PAK (details below, also see PREP-PAK products)
8 x 125ml Emergency Drinking Water Sachets (Total volume = 1 Litre)  Expiry: 06/2024
3 x Survival Food Packs for 3 day rations (Mainstay 1200) Expiry: 06/2024
1 x Foldable Personal drink bottle (480ml)
1 x AquaTabs Water Purification 10 Tablet Packet
1 x Toothbrush/paste pack
2 x Tissues packs
1 x Mini Soap
1 x 3-Frequency Emergency Whistle
1 x Hand sanitizer bottle
1 x Emergency Survival bag (colour may vary)
1 x Survival blanket
3 x Emergency light sticks
2 x Latex gloves
1 x Dust / Face mask 
1 x Heavy Duty Rain poncho
1 x Heavy Duty Leather/Fabric Gloves



1x Dressing Combine 20cm x 20cm
2x Triangle Bandages with safety pins
1x Sterile Gauze Swap 2-Pack
1x Sterile Non-Adhesive Pad (small)
1x Sterile Non-Adhesive Pad (large)
1x Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape Roll
4x Antiseptic Wipes (Large) Sachets
1x CPR Mask Pack
4x Fabric Plasters
1x Face Mask
1x Disposable Gloves Pair(anti-allergenic)
1x Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
1x First Aid Tips Booklet

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