Water Purification (Aquatabs) 10 Tablet Pack

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Aquatabs - Water Purification Tablets (10 tablet packet)
Aquatabs - Usage Guide

10 Tablet Pack of Aquatabs(TM) water purification tablets for 200 to 250 litres of water. Each tablet will treat up to 25 litres of water. You can easily break a tablet in to halves or quarters to treat smaller volumes as required. EXPIRY DATE: 05/2023

Don't risk having sickness during an emergency survival event as a result of contaminated water.

Most stored water will need boiling or treatment before drinking. Using Aquatabs eliminates the need for boiling all drinking water.

Aquatabs will provide a 99.9999% reduction in bacteria, a 99.99% reduction in viruses, and a 99.9% reduction in Cysts Giardia) within 30 minutes when used in clear water. 

Add the Aquatabs just PRIOR (ie 20 - 30 mins) to consuming the stored water.

Aquatabs are the international standard water treatment tablets for emergency and survival requirements.

  • Simple to use.
  • Totally effective.
  • Approved by the World Health Organisation for life-long use.
  • Used by the UN, UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross.
  • Used by NATO, British, French, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Spanish, Thai and Indonesian Armies.

These are ideally matched for use with 20 litre containers of water such as the After Shake 20 Litre water storage canisters. A single packet provides treatment for 10 full After Shake water canisters.

What are Aquatabs?

Aquatabs are water purification tablets or are often called water disinfection tablets / water disinfection tabs.  Aquatabs are used for emergency water treatment in disaster situations and for long term point of use household water treatment programmes.

Aquatabs are the world’s most recognised and most widely used water purification tablets.

They are effervescent (self-dissolving) tablets, the US EPA approved active ingredient is NaDCC which is also known as Troclosene Sodium.

Aquatabs are used by all of the world’s major aid agencies, NGOs, relief organisations, peace keeping / defence forces and Ministries of Health.  Aquatabs are also used for water treatment by international tourists in the water systems of RV / camper vans and for marine usage such as in yachts / boats.

Aquatabs are also used for life-long household water treatment and has over 13 million daily users globally.

Aquatabs offer both fast dissolving effervescent tablets and slow dissolving tablets for disinfection / purification of water.

The USA EPA registered active ingredient used in Aquatabs is a chlorine donor, but with unique properties that make it safer and more effective than bleach, iodine, chloramines and halazone.

NZ$9.95 NZ$7.45
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NZ$9.95 NZ$7.45
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