20L Water Canister (4 Pack) & Tablets

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4-Pack water canister + Aquatabs

This pack provides four(4) 20L water storage canisters and a free packet of Aquatabs water treatment tablets

Apart from emergency food supplies, this is the best emergency preparation investment a home can establish.

The 20 litre water canister is the ideal safe and robust emergency water storage system choice for the home. No need to have unsightly, hard to manage, and potentially unsafe old juice bottles as your water storage containers.

Each canister establishes 4-5 days survival water storage needs for one person.

One canister per person provides excellent emergency water storage provisions

The free packet of Aquatabs water treatment tablets is enough to treat up to 250 litres of stored water.
Keep these tablets with your stored water or in your emergency pack so that they are available at the time the water is to be used.

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Canister Description:

  • heavy duty food grade plastic construction
  • opaque plastic so that water remains shielded from sunlight exposure which can cause algae growth
  • gasket sealing and ratchet locking cap
  • over 20 litre capacity with side volume graduation marking
  • stackable when filled - providing practical, compact, and tidy water storage around the home
  • ideal size with strong handle enable practical shifting by an adult, including car boot transportation if such needs arise
  • Safe water storage for 2 years between needing a refresh

It is recommended that you place your stored water in a location which will be accessible after an emergency.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that water treatment tablets be used(or water is boiled) for any long term stored water when used for drinking. This will avoid the high risk of becoming sick from drinking stored water during emergency situations.

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