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Solar & Dynamo Radio/Siren/Torch


Dynamo Crank Handle and Solar Power Self Charging
No need for Batteries. Charge your Cell phone too.

Emergency AM/FM Radio, LED Torch, and Siren+Flashing alert functions. The unit provides a standard USB power output for allowing charging of mobile phones. Just plug your standard mobile phone cable into the USB plug and it will start to charge the mobile phone using the solar panel and/or the crank handle.

The unit comes with plug adapter for Apple iPhone 5 & 6 models, as well as micro USB which is the common standard for most mobile phones. 

The ideal multi-purpose radio/torch/Alert for all Emergency Kits and also as a general purpose flashlight/radio that never needs batteries - wherever you need it.

The solar panel on the handle of the torch helps to keep the unit charged for when it's needed. It can also be re-charged by connecting it to a standard micro USB port from a computer or in a car.

High Sensitivity AM/FM bands reception.

Uses a NEW super high intensity LED for the torch to provide a light output rating of 100ML - equivalent to a 100W light.

Actual unit dimensions are a compact
190mm length x 90mm width x 110mm depth
(Packing box = 197mm x 90mm x 107mm)

Approximate Charging/Usage Times

 - Time to full charge using crank = ~36min
 - Time to full charge using strong sunlight solar = ~8hrs
 - Usage time from full charge: Flashlight = ~5hrs, Radio = ~4hrs, Siren = ~1.5hrs
 - Usage time with 60sec crank: Flashlight = ~10min, Radio = ~4min, Siren = ~2min