Survival First Aid Kit (Size 1)

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First Aid Kit (Size 1)

The After Shake Survival First Aid Kit is designed based on the recommendations by St John, which is more extensive than most common commercial first aid kits. After Shake have further expanded this specification to best suit earthquake survival requirements.

The kit package is an air-tight, water-proof, clip gasket-seal case. This keeps the contents in top condition and readiness for use even after long term storage.

This kit is well suited for small households.

Survival First Aid Kit Contents (Size 1)

1x Survival Blanket
2x Latex Gloves (pairs)
1x Face/Dust Mask
1x CPR Mask
1x Triangular Bandage (w/ safety pins)
1x Roller Bandage 50mm
1x Roller Bandage 75mm
1x Sterile Gauze 75mm x 75mm
1x Adhesive Wound Dressing strip
1x Plaster strip dressings (10 pack)
1x Adhesive Tape hypoallergenic (roll)
1x Sterile non-adhesive pads (sml)
1x Sterile non-adhesive pads (large)
1x Eye pad
1x Eye wash container
1x Eye wash solution - saline ampoule 30ml
1x Antiseptic Soln - 100ml
1x Paracetamol tablets pack
6x Antiseptic Wipes
1x Scissors
1x First Aid tweezer
1x First Aid Tips Booklet
1x Clip Seal Case (2 Litre)

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